What is Xstcx?


A big straight edge family. xSTCx stands for "xSay True Crewx" To be in the xSTCx family you must be edge and love it. The xSTCx is not a gang, it is a family, no crimes are committed in the name of the xSTCx and it holds no territory in any city or other place.

Stay True Crew is a crew created out of the lack fellowship that 3 guys had from people like themselves. This is a straight edge crew, created to bring the brotherhood and sisterhood of straight edge together under one roof to show the world what we stand for and who we are moraly we are here to prove the better lives we hold and the bond we share you can not break this family bond of straight edge guys and girls because it is the most powerful thing in the world, if you are not proud sxe and are not commited to it, your not in. Lee, Sean, and Chris are the leaders of this crew. Stay true, be proud, and stay gold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this another Myspace crew?

Nothing could be further from the truth. We use Myspace as a medium to contact everyone in the crew. It was started as maybe 100 people but with Myspace it's expanded. Myspace is used for the sole purpose of keeping in touch with everyone and uniting everyone.

I'm not straightedge, but I'm super cool. Can I join?


So I'm in the crew, what do I do now?

Get to know people. We really encourage everyone to become friends. This is a family, there should be no conflicts between anyone. Get other people from your area to join up. Start up a chapter where you live and make sure you keep in touch with us for big events.

My band wants to be in the xSTAY TRUE CREWx. Can we?

As long as you are an all straightedge band, yes. If you are not all straightedge, you have to help us out alot. Spread the word, support the other bands.

How do I join?

If you don't know anyone in the crew to get you in, send this myspace a friend request. WE SCREEN ALL REQUESTS. Don't think that just because you're name is xGARTHx means you're in. You have to really seem like someone who can do good.

Are you just in a crew to look xTUFFx?

No, you're an idiot. If we wanted to look xTUFFx, we'd join a gang. This family was started because without the unity of straightedge, most people would have broken it. We started it because we knew that some people are the only edge people that they know. It was started to help out edge people and to create a stronger straightedge community.

I feel so loved.

I just joined the xSTCx<3

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