What is Xtard?


Adj. An extreme and rare act of retardation by a person who is not legally deemed mentally handicaped.

An xtard at a zoo once decided to get a closer picture of a bear by jumping into the exhibit.

See idiot, dumbass, fool, imbecile, bonehead


A person so obsessed with the Xbox or Xbox 360 in such a manner that rational people call them a retard.

Derived from the combination of Xbox(The device which the individual fantasizes over) and retard(used in the slang form to denote lack of intelligence).

At the mention of a superior console, such as the Play Station 3, the xtard became supremely enraged and began shouting about Halo 2 and how great Halo 3 was going to be; all while the rational people backed away slowly so as not to evoke a stupider reaction.

See retard, fanboy, xbox, 360, xtard, Zetsumei


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