What is Xtc?


n. slang for the drug Ecstasy (C11H15NO2)

(methylenedioxy-n-methylamphetamine) MDMA

Xtc provides a feeling of "oneness" and connectedness but is currently illegal in the US.


Slang for the drug ecstacy

i saw bryce pure out his heed on XTC at asda


slang for the drug Ecstasy

or a NYC Graffiti group formed by a Graffiti legand "JA" who was joined by many others inc, "SANE + SMITH"

"wnna try some xtc with me 2 night, i can get a bag full"


"wap up, u seen the new peice up on Broklyn bridge by SANE + Smith?"

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A highly underrated pop/new wave band that was officially formed in 1976. The original line up consisted of Andy Partridge on Guitar/Vocals, Colin Moulding on bass/vocals, Barry Andrews on Keyboards, and Terry Chambers on Drums. From 1983 to 1999, the band consisted of Partridge, Moulding, and guitarist Dave Gregory. The band is still recording to this day.

The ablum Skylarking by Xtc contains the hit song Dear God, which is considered to be an Atheist Anthem

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A British Rock Band that consists of Three members. Or the abbrv name for the drug ectasy..

The British Band XTC claims their name came out before the popular designer drug.


A very good pop/rock/new wave band from the 70's and 80's. Also, some drug or something.

one two three four five sense working oooveeerrrrrtiiimmmme is a lyric from an XTC song that sounds funny if you're on XTC.


coloured, white always imprinted with a lil picture of some sought eg; beige amsterdams,pink playboys, red- green mitzibishiz. effect: varies from person 2 person. some people get shutter vision, feel sexy etc... pupils look like 20inch rims. effect lessens and doesnt feel as good the more and longer you keep taking- recommended dosage 2 bikkies each month.

if you havn't tried hears some 1st hand knowledge xtc...

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