Xteh Straight Edge

What is Xteh Straight Edge?


A new designation for persons who still insist they are straight edgers, but whom are no longer hardcore straight-edge. They can bend the straight-edge to suit their own individual situation, for example they may choose to smoke but not have casual sex. Or they make occasionally choose to drink alcoholic beverages but continue to obstain from nicotine or any other drugs. Also, they may follow all straight-edge philosophy except food constraint, refusing to be veggie or vegan. Basically an 'xteh' is only totally against illegal drugs and casual unmeaningful sex. Possibly derived from x-ing one of the the straight edge double x's and combining it with the recently popularized prefix 'teh.'

"Is Sara still straight edge?"

"No, I think she's xteh straight edge now because I saw her drinking beer at the last show."

See straight edge, xx, x, teh


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