What is Xtreme?


This can describe anything in any positive way, really. It just sounds really dumb, and if you use it in any context, everyone who hears you will assume that you're an emotionally handicapped chimpanzee.

That bagel is xtreme!

That lightbulb is xtreme!

That pair of shoes is xtreme!


stupid way of spelling "extreme"

man that band was xtreme!

See Kregg


A way that hot topic-corekids express something was cool in their opinion

"Man that good charlotte concert was Xtreme!"


To define something as "cooler" than the norm. Originally used for outrageous sports and death-defying stunts, "Xtreme" has managed to find its way into nearly every marketing campaign in America: deodorant, beef tacos, soft drinks, and even duct tape (I swear).

"Yo! That cardboard-flavored burrito is Xtreme, cuh!"



The xXxtreme Girls Production.

Based in Sydney, Australia.

Established in 2006 Till' Infinity.

Better known as, The XGP, is The Illest Empire.

Consisting of Outgoing Girls that bring The CRUNKNESS to The Party Scenes.

Outdoing The Definition of xXxtreme.

Hypeness, Dares, Dancing, Rhyming Skillz, Jokes and Kinkiness

is what They are Made of.

No one is capable of outdoing The Unstopable Xtreme Girls.


Guy #2: yeah dude she's in The XGP.

Guy #1: oHHHH DAYYYMMM no wonder why!

Guy #2: I'd Tap That....Tappy tap tap.

Guy #1: Duuude they're NO WaYY easy!!!!!!

Guy #2: Oh, Snap!

See extreme, xtreme, xxxtreme


The coolest way of writing extreme. Substituting x for ex is very cool Note: other such substitutions include K for C and Ph for f or F for Ph

xtreme949, see isn't this name cool.


(1) A sly way of implying that one is on ecstacy. (2) Any cool actions one completes while on ecstacy.

Sarah: I'm rolling dick on these pills!

Anna: Yeah, this is pretty Xtreme.

See rolling, tripping balls, rolling dick


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