What is Xu?


Chinese surname synonymous with "really large penis".

Mr. Xu, may I suck your xu?

I dunno...is your mouth big enough?


A really sexy, Asian man; specifically one loved by Amanda S and Lauren W. Usually found in the control room doing audio.

Damn, snotch! Did you see that Xu playing those tunes?

See Manda


A phenomenon that occurs on a full moon when 10 wolves gather on a cliff which is below 32 degrees F.

I saw Xu last night.

See xu, moon, wolf, ice, cold


A snotch, who is referred to as James Lynn by Lauren W, whom enjoys playing loud tunes in the control room. Usually saids phrases like "Take a chance you stupid, hoe", "Hot Damn", "Amanda S's hot", and "Fuck You". Laughs uncontrollably when someone talks dirty.

Shorti, look at Xu play those tuns like no one has ever played before.

See Lauren


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