What is Xuxa?


Post-menopausal, hooker-esque, Brazilian lady who ran her own kids show in Brazil. It ran for a few years in the U.S. as well. Usually, giant funky letters would pop out of nowhere and spell XUXA!, then she'd come down a whipped-cream covered slide (only a slight exaggeration) and yell "HELLO!!!" into a bright red microphone, while wearing a tight, spiky minidress, white lipstick, and a fez, possibly with go-go boots. At some point, she'd look at the camera and say something like, "Kids, if your house is on fire, call 911, but keep watching Xuxa!" At the end, she'd put on red lipstick and kiss innocent children (who, by the way, would hang from the ceiling by their feet and yell and scream throughout the show)/ the camera, then dive into an inflatable pool filled with Jell-O. This would be funny if it wasn't almost entirely true.

"HELLOOOOO! Remember kids, if your house is onf fire, call 911. GOODBYE!!!!" -Xuxa dives into large vat of pudding-


can also mean chucha(spanish swear word, which means pussy)

this is used on aim or msn

where x = ch (like in roche (roxe) etc)

que xuxa haces?

que chucha haces (what the fuck are you doing?)

See chucha, xu, chu, mierda, pussy


shut up

sometimes repeated for dramatic effect "xuxa, xuxa"

arose cerca 1996, when the doll dubbed "xuxa" hit the toy market

originated from its resemblance to the "shhh.." sound often associated with quieting a rather annoying din

my roommate was fucking his girlfriend and she was screaming like a siren so i screamed "xuxa! i'm trying to get some homework done here!! professor hardinger is the devil!!!"

See ucla


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