Xv3 St.

What is Xv3 St.?


18th st. xv3,xiii,or jus 18

gang made up of all kindz of razas.hispanics:mexis,chicanos,salvis & also oder races. 1 specific clique is s.c. (south central)


Known to be the biggest and most dangerous mexican gang with other enthnic backgrounds involved in the gang as well, with numbers exceeding both the Blood and Crip Gangs. Usually members have a tattoo of "xv3" or "18" in Old English style. Also known as "The Children's Army" since most of thier most of its members are young and even elementary kids are in.

Esse: "aye holmes, this puto be talkin bout my varrio"

Vato: "he talkin bout the xv3 st. gang?? yo lets fire at em esse"


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