What is Xx?


kiss kiss

"bye bye"



"xX" is short for "courtland" a gospel rap artist from Louisiana.

xX is a minister of the gospel of Christ Jesus The Lord.

x = Christ

X = everlasting

also: in Mathematics the variable "X" is an unknown number

(who knows how many people/nations truly inhabit the body of Christ)... jus' something to wonder about.

in my own words:"x" also relates to mE as giving God all the glory and never seeking credit for anything He has done.

God bless

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In shorthand 2-D fighting game notation, this stands for "cross up" or "cancel". A cross up is a move wherein the fighter launches an aerial attack that flies just over his opponent's head and clips him on the neck. Sometimes called a "neck hit". Quite effective but a little tricky to do. A cancel is a move that a fighter launches before a previous move is over.

M Bison can use a good cancel in the combo: Lv2 Knee Press Nightmare XX Fierce Psycho Crusher

Geese Howardcan chain a good cancel in the combo: Crossup Jumping Forward, Standing Short x2, Standing/Crouching Fierce XX Deadly Rave (before last hit), Standing Short, Standing Fierce, Forward Jai-i-ken.

Scary, isn't it?



Beer,and alcohol, such as the brand XX (Dos Equis), means 2 x's in spanish.


Crossed fingers for good luck in an online conversation.

Shelly: Wish me luck!!! XX

Carrie: Good luck XX

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Chick or lesbian... as in chromosomes... XX girl and XY guy..

Holla at me XX's.

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