What is Xxl?


The standard "medium" size for most Americans.

Hmmm, Damn, just XXL. Do you have anything bigger?


v. Describes the size of clothing worn by your mother

"That sweater is XXL"

See tom


A fat lesbian. XX is the genetic makeup for a female. XXL both refers to size and sexual preference.

She looks so fat and butch she must be XXL

See lesbian, dyke, bull dyke, fag hag, rug muncher


Rap / Hip Hop Magazine

Hey, did you see XXL this month?

See Paul


A popular search term in P2P networks that denotes German porno. The videos are characterized by excessive talking during the filming (in German) and bad 70s style music.

XXL - Sex on farm (full).mpg

See wifey, ideepthroat


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