What is Xyndicate?


a clan originating from ancient chinese ancestry, it has been revived by an unknown faction in the United States, calling themselves the Xyndicate. composed of only 4 males, reportedly below the age of 18. there is no further information on the clan, except that they are proficient in the arts of parkour and xtreme martial arts, and are extremely dangerous and violent.

"where the hell are we? i dunno."

*beating up noises*


"it's the Xyndicate!!!"


Legendary Noun :: 31337 association dedicated to perfect the art parkour... or maybe just be good at everything

omg lyk 1 tyme, I was playin CS den all dem xyndacate members joined the server and fscking pwned everyone... Dey even BS-ed their team!


Uber organization of elite members who come together to own everyone else.

OMFG lyk DEM xYndz juz cAme n PWNT us All OMFG LOL ROFL~~1!11111lOL OLO LO L lol@@oneone

Xyndicate got chicks.


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