What is Xyphie?


A person being crazy all summer long. Acting like their dear friend, Xyphon. Wearing a patterned zip-up jacket, having twigs in your hair and being super friendly are required. Also, to achieve the full impact of "getting XYPHIE" on must be in the woods or near the open water.

Holiday: "Man I'm so tired from this summer"

Kermit: "Yeah, Me too! Wow, bra', this is the best, man. I'm so glad we're all back together and stuff. This is great, man.”

Scotty: "Well, we were getting Xyphie all summer long. and that makes you tired!"

Holiday: "Yeah, especially when you are wearing a zip-up jacket traipsing through the woods and being friendly to all the birds!"

Kermit: "I hope I do this every summer. I think I'm going to go, but, um... my friends don't really wanna go. Could I get a ride?"

Scotty: "Yeah, Being XYPHIE is bomb"

Hannah: "Yeah, we sound like a Weezer song"

Kermit: “Yeah Could I get a ride after we get XYPHIE again?”

See xyphon


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