Xyz Breed

What is Xyz Breed?


The xyz breed is the final mutation of human's evolution. The DNA of this breed becomes perfect. Every "Perfect Human" has the ability to switch into an observer, making it completly conscious of everything around them. They can sense stronger and be able to do things a normal being wouldnt. This agile effect is because of the observing veiwpoint and its dejection of emotion.

The xyz breed is attuned to music and can build its minds intensity around metal, ska, psychopathic, crunk, and drum & bass.

The final breed smokes fat cron, drinks like a fish, rolls, trips, fries, bawls, gets fucked up, and doesnt give a fuck.

The xyz breed understands corruption in government, understands society's loopholes and exploits them, and can destroy people from the inside out.

Random Guy: "Holy fuck that guy just killed GOD

Other Random Guy: "You shoulda fucken saw his fight with the devil, it was EPIC! The new xyz breed kicks fucking ass playing from our side, the people who are down and out and have never had a fucking break in thier life."

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