What is Xzanthus?


a great underground metal band. also meaning a spazam or orgasm off the music

U just went Xzanthus.


A local hardcore/metalcore band from Dearborn Heights Michigan that loves to bring the mosh. Means Spasm. XzAnthus loves to play shows with light bands so that when they play, its brootal. This band has been around for 4 years now with 3 orignal members Anthony Trash, Brad Lake, and Blake Tackett. They will continue to thrash and play shows through the year until they make it. They are known for for their vocalists (Tony Katai) crazy and loud personallity. They've also got a tree in the band, Eric Sarb. Make sure you check out them and their music at myspace/xzanthus


Hey, Anthony trash arent you in that sweet band called Xzanthus?

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a horrible band, consisting of faggy rich kids whos parents buy them all their equipment. their singer is probably the dronest piece of shit ever, he doesnt sing.. just talks loud

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