What is Xzibit?


Feels the need to cover the world in flat-screen HDTV panels.

When all other rappers focused on the hydrolics market, Xzibit invested in HDTV Panels. He now lives a pimped out life.


possibly one of the most underrated and great rappers of our time

I just got the new Xzibit CD!

See snorgle


A cool rapper who pimps peoples rides at West Coast Customs.

yo xzibit pimped my ride


1)The best rapper to ever spit.

2)The most underrated rapper ever.

3)A rapper everybody should listen to.

4)One of the few good rappers (not glamorized by the media and made a celebrity)

5)My idol.

1)Xzibit is the best.

2)Xzibit should be getting more spotlight.

3)If you ain't with Xzibit, you're a biatch.

4)Man, Xzibit ain't a Ja Rule or a 50 Cent.

5)I wanna be just like Xzibit.


One of the best west coast rappers, up there with snoop dogg, ice cubeand tupac. After 5 albums and ten years, he is undisputably a major force in hip-hop. He is also the popular host of MTV's Pimp my ride TV show. He has great flow, lyrics, and is a trill motherfucker. Holla atcha, X!

Xzibit on his 3rd album Restless: Say your prayers/ say your graces/ pieces of your face is/ found in a hundred different places

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A big underrated rapper who happens to be able to a sick fucking crip walk...

xzibit happens to change all the tv's in Pimp My Ride to go to him cripin in the greta music video "Get Your Walk On"

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This sexy rapper has mad s name for hisself by rapping with people like ice cube and snoop.

Ice Cube and Snoop Dog


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