What is Xzyzx?


Noun: Anything that is confusing, or meant to cause confusion.

Verb: To Confuse

Here are some common Xzyzxs for you

And another

Noun: Xzyzx is a xzyzx.

Noun: Hot Topic doesn't sell Tripp Pants anymore, what a xzyzx.

Command: Don't xzyzx me!

Future: Don't think too hard, it will xzyzx you.

Past Tense: I was so xzyzxed last night.

Present Progressive: This is so xzyzxing.

Present Tense: You're trying to xzyzx me.

Past Participle: That lesson on anarchist communism was really xzyzxing.

See confuse, vex, nebulous, reasonable, rational, sense


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