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This young hip-hop duo hooked up in 2005 to create their first full length album, “The Beginning of the End”, and have been determined to break into the hip-hop scene ever since. They have put out tons of songs and released four CDs so far in their careers.

PJ aka Da Truth was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He quickly found his love for music at a very young age, and began rapping at the age of four. PJ thrives on performing live where he is constantly spitting his lyrics with aggression and a fierce delivery. He has evolved into the hype man of the group, always keeping his audience moving and excited. PJ is now very focused on not only writing, but the final production side of music. He is beyond his years and considered one of the best engineers among all of his peers and fans alike.

Kidd Flow was born in Dayton, Ohio. He relocated to the Cincinnati area with is family in 2000. He soon began making music with friends at the age of 13. Being raised in a home full of musical talent, he was able to quickly find a style and earned a lot of respect from his peers. His smooth and melodic sound has become a trademark, earning him his stage name, Kidd Flow, and solidifying him as a true hip-hop artist. He is constantly coming up with new and fresh ideas and beats that gives Young Duece a sound of their own. As well as maintaining their internet outlets, from web design to creating album covers, Flow's hobby helps tremendously.

Young Duece’s biggest accomplishment to date was earning the right to be a TOP 10 FINALIST in the first ever Essence Magazine Take Back the Music national song writing competition in 2006, beating out more than 500 applicants.

The group finished up their sophomore album titled “The End of the Beginning” which was released October 23rd of 2007. Their mixtape “Hidden Peace, The Mixtape, Vol. 1” is available as a FREE download on their website, YoungDuece. Volume two released early 2008. They now have a new album in the works titled "YD=MC2", which is planned to be released February 2009.

Young Duece

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