What is 350z?


a car that will blow the doors off your piece of shit mustang.

dude that guy with the 350z has a twin turbo set up. he's putting out 500hp. your mustang is gonna get smoked.

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A fast Nissan sports car in the legendary Z family. Considered the bigger brother of the Skyline. Powered by the 287 HP VQ35DE engine. Available in a roadster model as well. There has also been a rumor about a twin turbo 350Z as well.

The 350Z replaced all the Skylines in the JGTC

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an attractive, powerful, and luxurious car. the performance is superb and so is the pretty much everything about the car.

The Nissan 350z is more than a second slower than the latest Skyline GTR in the 1/4th mile.

The 350z is in no way as quick as a Skyline GTR.

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A car that makes the pantys drop. Also refered to as the panty dropper

When the girls see the 350z the pantys drop.

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The new sports car from Nissan. The 350 stands for 3.5 liter and is the descendent of the legendary 240Z. It's powerful NA (naturally aspirated/non turbo) engine makes 300hp and runs the 1/4 mile in low 14's. It also has nothing to do with a TVR

The one of the best affordable sportscars today is the 350Z


Latest in Nissan's Z-car line, current flagship sports car, little brother of the Skyline GTR. Abbreviated as 'Z'

That R33 just SMOKED that 350Z!!


Best nissan Car comparable to corvettes

Nigga , the big AzN baller in a 350Z taking on niggaz in mustangs ? Thats phat !


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