What is 370z?


The new member of the Z family. it has a way better trim than the 350Z with a dohc V6 3.7 332 HP at 7000 .

Dude is that a GT-R?

no dude thats a 370Z


1: Dude I want that body kit for my 350Z..

2: Hey ass thats a 370Z

1: I didnt know!

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The new 09 addition to the legendary Z family

Dude Need for speed undercover has the 370Z in it that car is so badass!

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The 370Z is the stunning 332 horsepower successor to the Nissan 350Z. It is a TRUE sports car differentiated from the Mustang, Camaro, Eclipse etc. which are classified as grand touring cars. The 370Z has performance figures nearly identical to that of the Porsche Cayman S, a car that is roughly twice as expensive... No lie. Look it up if you don't believe me.

The Nissan 370Z and it's predecessors have represented unparalleled styling and performance within it's affordable price range since 1969.

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