What is 260z?


A sports car developed by the Nissan/Datsun company in 1974. Basically a 240z, but features a stronger chassi and larger yet weaker motor. The 260z is a first generation Z and the rarest of the Z cars. Came in two versions. The 1974.0 had thin bumpers and a carbeurated engine and the 1974.5 had thicker bumpers and was fuel injected. Both models being made for only half a year, which explains its rarity. The 260 was also available in a 2+2 model which featured back seats which made the body longer.(2+2's are generally regarded by collectors as being butt ugly) 260z's also posses more potential than other Z models. This is due to the longer frame rails running under the floor pannels which increases its structual rigidity giving it the capability to withstand more horsepower and torque. This is lacking in the 240. The 260z is only slightly heavier than the 240Z and significantly lighter than other models of Z cars, especially 300's and 350's. This means that the 260z's power to weight ratio is insanely awesome, even more so if you drop an RB25 DET in it. Which is made possible because the 260Z shares the same length engine cradle/suspension cross member as the R32 Skyline making it easy to bolt in an RB series motor. The 260Z won many awards and competions during its time and brings honor to the family of Z cars. Despite its greatness and rarity though, it seems very under appreciated and its gold book value is less than many other Z's. Boo to that.

Guy 1: Wow, nice Z, is it a 240 or a 280?

Guy 2: You poor uninformed little bastard, it's a 260Z.

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