What is 'za?


A term coined by Branden Strot.

-you wanna get some za?

-you know i invented that word right?


-yup, years ago.


1. short for pizza. if you are retarded, it is an expression of excitement.a very budazz word

hey man, order a 'Za. im starving.

See pizza, budazz, tenacious d, man, orange, pie


A meal that consists of a ball of dough rolled flat (and usually round) that is covered with tomato sauce and mozzerella and baked in an oven. Sometimes contains toppings such as pepperoni, mushrooms, or onions. Frequently served in Italian restaurants. Very popular as a delivery food.

God, I'm starving! Let's get a 'za for dinner!


slang for pizza

Hey, Johnny Magic, wanna go in with me on a 'za?


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