What is ~zen*knack*kiss~?


~Zen*Knack*Kiss~, or Zen as she is affectionately known, is the most famous poster on Babycenter message boards. She is known to frequent the Bargain Hunting Tips For Parents board. Some love ~Zen*Knack*Kiss~, others hate her. Like Cindybin of Yahoo trolling fame, ~Zen*Knack*Kiss~ is not a troll in the traditional sense of the word - but her snippy comments and overinflated ego make her a well-known, infamous poster nonetheless.

Variations on Zen's screen name are zenknackkiss, her Yahoo ID; and zen_knack_kiss, not actually Zen herself... but she thinks Zen is so awesome, she set up a ~Zen*Knack*Kiss~ Worship Page on Myspace.

~Zen*Knack*Kiss~ is God's gift to humanity.

See zen, bargain


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