What is S?


The nineteenth letter of the alphabet. After R and before T.



1) The doller sign without the ||

2) Superman letter

everybody lookin at me like I got a S on my chest

See Fab


referring to the S on Superman's logo meaning invincibility

"i walk around like i gotta S on my chest

See super, man, dj khaled, rap, invincible


Croatian character for "sh"

ima da sereš


Same as 'sh' inside a word. Came from people who didnt want to type 'sh'. Like instead of 'shallow' they type 'šallow'.

Šotgun šells.

Še eats mušrooms.


" š " makes the same sound as "sh" in "poSH" . Cyrillic equivalent is the letter Ш

šah - chess, шах

See Š, cyrillic, latin, letter, alphabet, sh


Harry Truman's middle name. The 'S' didn't stand for anything; it resulted from an argument over which grandfather's name Truman's middle name should bear.

'S' made a cool middle name, didn't it?


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