What is S A?


Letters used for Special Agent in law enforcement.

S A Brown is in charge of the bank robbery investigation.

See cop, police, fed, gman


Short for social anxiety. Social anxiety is a term used to describe an experience of anxiety (emotional discomfort, fear, apprehension or worry) regarding social situations, interactions with other and being evaluated or scruntinized by other people.

A man finds it difficult to walk down the street because he’s self-conscious and feels that people are watching him from their windows. Worse, he may run into a person on the sidewalk and be forced to say hello to them. He’s not sure he can do that. His voice will catch, his "hello" will sound weak, and the other person will know he’s frightened.

See fear, anxious, nervous, problem


A code word for Sugardaddies used by gold diggers. It comes from Seeking Arrangement

I have a date with a S A tonight. I hope he gives me lots of money!

See gold digger, john, sugar baby, sugar mama


A play on the Spanish word ese. Means stupid ass.

(To someone you hate) Hey S A, que pasa?

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S.A. refers to the Surface Area underneath your ballsac. It is the area between your sac and your anus

Mark has some major S A

See chode, nutsack, balls, asshole, ballsac


As in Essay, The Mexican Fatass Down The Street That Came to My Kick Ass Party And Called Everyone Racist.

S A Is A Fucking Dumb Shit


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