S Club

What is S Club?


A nineties phenomenon, created by Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller. S club 7 were created in 1997 and consisted of members Tina Barrett, Paul Cattermole, Jon Lee, Bradley McIntosh, Jo O'Meara, Hannah Spearritt and Rachel Stevens. They Won two BRIT awards and ha d 5 platinum,double platinum and triple platinum albums. They also starred in numerous children's television series.The group was shaken after, in 2002, Paul Cattermole announced his departure.They them became S club. After he left, the group fought off many rumours that they were to split. However, on April 21, 2003, S Club announced live on stage that they were to split up. However in 2001 S Club Junoirs was formed. The group's members, Jay Asforis, Daisy Evans, Calvin Goldspink, Stacey McClean, Aaron Renfree, Hannah Richings, Frankie Sandford and Rochelle Wiseman, were all in their early teens or younger when they were chosen from thousands of hopefuls on the S Club Search (2001) television series. The group were originally intended only as a support act on as part the competition to perform at Wembley Arena on S Club 7's S Club Carnival Tour. The group also had their own documentary series, S Club Juniors: The Story.There were originally seven Juniors: Calvin, Jay, Daisy, Stacey,Rochelle, Frankie and Connor, but 19 management liked Aaron and Hannah and decided that they were going to be in the band as well but as the Juniors were rehearsing for the tour with S Club 7, Connor left the band to go back to school, according to an interview with Calvin "to complete a music diploma at one of the best music schools in the country" After S club split in 2003 S club juniors became S club 8.

Aint no partyyyy like and s club partyyyyyyy


A shit made up of exactly 7 parts.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7! Sweet! A perfect S club!

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A strip club. This term is usually a reference to the strip club while being discrete around others.

Guy 1: "Yo, whats good with the S Club tonight man?"

Guy 2: "Yea, lets do that there."

Clueless Girl #1: " I wanna go to the S Club with you guys! Can I come !?"

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A unique or one of a kind party, where you would chew off your own dick to leave.

"aint no party like an s club party"

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Cockney rhyming slang for a pub

Lets all go down the s club and get slaughtered

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