S & M

What is S & M?


abbreviation for Sadist / Masochist sex. A term used to describe the sex and many accouterments of pain associated with this type of sex. The sadist inflicts pain and asserts control over the masochist; both parties enjoy their role by definition.

To teach people about S & M, the secretary and I held a workshop on the subject to which many of our peers attended.


SadiMasochistic = an act (usually sex) that includes Sadism and Masochistic behavior.

The blonde I took home from the bar was totally into S & M. She handcuffed me to her bedpost, beat me with a cat-o-nine-tails, and I liked it.

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The best concert given by Metallica accompagnied by the symphony of san fransisco

Guy : Metallica rocked at the S & M concert !!

Guy 2 : No they didn't they teh su><orz

Angry mob : Beyotch M3tallica t3h rox !! W3 is gonn4 kill yo face beyotch !!!1!1

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Sex and mockery. Generally used to describe a relationship that is based on sex, in private, but in order to keep the appearance of friendship, they mock each other in public.

Derek: Do you want to go out to lunch?

Meredith: Why are you asking me out to lunch? I thought it was just S & M?

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kinky sex with chains whips, handcufs etc. ... pain is inflicted upon by anni

does it hurt yet bitch

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1. Metallica Album that has their most famous songs accompanied with an orchestra.

Master of Puppets is good on S & M, but they tuned it a fucking half-step down...

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S$M has many different meanings but to get to the simplest form it means... Slave and master

Ready for some S & M tonight u sexy beast


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