S & S

What is S & S?


shit and split (run away)

dude i just went to a hardware store and did a S & S, they were chaseing me out.

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Shit and Shower

Often used when coming home from a campout or similar activity where one would feel quite dirty and exhausted.

Guy 1:

Hey you're back from that wilderness retreat! How was it?

Guy 2:

Ugh. It sucked. Rained the whole weekend.

Guy 1: That sucks. How bout I make it up to you and take you out? There's a new bar in town.

Guy 2: Sounds good but I need to S & S first.

See shit, shower, dump, wash up, crap


Any combination of two of these:

A shit

A shave

or a shower

A shit usually being one of them.

So you wanna go out to the club tonight?

Sure, but I've got to go home and take an S & S

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