What is Saint Ignatius College Prep?


This is a high school in San Francisco for rich, preppy pieces of shit who think they are superior to other people because they happen to be trust fund babies with sticks up their asses. They like to pay recruits a lot of money to go to their sorry ass school so that the sports teams can win...even though its fucking high school. With an enrollment of 1,400, there are curiously few minorities...namely blacks. That could be due to the fact that they are ignorant racist bastards...but is probably because no one wants to go to their sorry ass school. The school, located in the Sunset district in wonderful San Francisco, contains a large amount of suburb kids who should keep their annoying, rich-ass, snobby, and shithead asses at home.

There is a rather intense rivalry with a school across the city named Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. A far superior school in terms of students and faculty, SHCP is very diverse, noticing that not only whites can read. A school which actually prepares its students for life after school, SHCP knows whats important. The "people" at Saint Ignatius are so envious and fussy about it their inferiority to SHCP that they mask it and call SH names like "stupid" or "poor," actions which make they SI Pussys...I mean Wildcats...sound more like assholes if that were possible. Yes, SI has won the Bruce Mahoney trophy many years running, but little do they know that SH has been letting them win simply for the fact that they feel sorry for the poor little SI Kittens. As an added bonus, SH students could kick any pussy boy SI student any day of the week...blindfolded...with a leg missing...and even if the SI kid had a gun. SI students are just that mind numbingly weak.

Person 1: Where do you go to school?

SI Student (wearing a pink polo and popped collar and aviators on cold, rainy day): I go to Saint Ignatius College Prep.

Person 1: I'm sorry.

Person in San Francisco: I don't like Saint Ignatius. It's fuckin' annoying.

Person in San Francisco's friend: No shit. Everyone knows that.

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