Saint James Academy

What is Saint James Academy?


A school for kids with extremely rich parents 95% of the time. This could also mean there is rarely ever a black kid there(Only approximately 3 black people have been there in its 15 year history none staying longer then 2 years.) People rarely ever know anything aboutt his school. All matters are taken to an extreme level there giving double demerits for saying this like pissed off in a year book {which there is considered a "public document" (my ass)}Most kids there could be considered losers with the exception of few. Never go there looking to get any because chances are you won't.

Girl 1: what schools your boyfriend go to?

Girl 2: Oh Saint James Academy

Girl 1: Oh.......I've heard of that school..... He must be a fagget

See gay, hell, snob, rich, white


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