What is Saint Joseph Regional High School?


the only catholic high school where the freshmen get beat up by math teachers and they drink hot sauce and crush oreo's on people's birthdays. we also refer to each other by our last names.

i drank so much hot sauce during distallo's class, i had to stick my head out of the window at saint joseph regional high school.

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A place where you do what ever the fuck you want, a place where you make fun of fat kids like Gulli and Butler.. a place where you win State Championships, ( and own those fagots at Bergen Catholic at every fucking sport) a place where your math teacher will surround the desks in a circle and challenge you to a fight, a place where you yell your freshmen English teacher's first name. A place where you control the new Biology teacher and every time he tries to act tough and yell you laugh in his face, a place where your weight coach believes dinosaurs and Stuart little are still living and real a place where if you got a problem with someone you'll meet them at the bagel shop, a place where Mackie runs up to you to make sure your buttons are buttoned and that you are cleanly shaven, a place where deep down everyone knows the class of 2011 runs shit =)

" At Saint Joseph Regional High School Roger Kintish made us write essay's on stories after we repeatably yelled his first name!"

" we once put a condem on a spanish teachers door"

"im a freshmen at this school, and the first day i saw the large fellow they call Butler eat 5 cookies at breakfast!!"

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1. A place where you can pretty much get away with whatever the fuckyou want, and still graduate. The place where someone has the gall to put a fucking terd on the windowsill. and most importantly the place where the vice principal has the balls to barehand it.

2. A good way to blow 28,000 clams.

3. A bunch of untucked polo shirts and popped collars. And Doherty can't do shit about it.

4. Home of the world renowned Dowling food service.

5. Br. Reidy's estate.

1. Student: Good Mornign mr. Barehand donelly, whats that on your hand?

BBD: Why, i believe thats terd?!.

2. Its not worth seven thousand a year.

3. Please tuck in your shirt son.

no, ass.

4. 5 is 10, 10 is 20... Thank you very much have a nice weekend.

5. I sit on a lawnchair in my backyard to watch highschool football games.

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