What is Saint Joseph's University?


Hawk Hill as many refer to it is a school on the outskirts of Philadelphia where about 3,500 undergrads go. Although sometimes hard to find a party, as long as you have a fake, or real ID you will have a fun time. There are a few bars very close by but the best thing is that it's close to Manyunk where you're guaranteed a good time. St. Joe's kids love to drink and are mostly rich white kids. They love their basketball at SJU and will do most anything to get to the games in the tiny fieldhouse. One of the best business schools in the U.S. and even though you might not go to many parties, you're sure as hell going to get a good job graduating from this school.

Saint Joseph's University, a good school with lots of white kids where you're most likely gonna bar hop and not party hop.


A well-respected school located in West Philadelphia, SJU straddles City Avenue. Saint Joseph's is known for its Haub School of Business and its basketball team, the Hawks. SJU students can be described as snobby but most aren't nearly as bad as those found at Villanova. SJU is small but well known throughout the country and most graduates find good jobs after receiving their diplomas.

The Big 5 consists of Saint Joseph's University, Villanova University, La Salle University, University of Pennsylvania, and Temple University.

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Crappy parties, with blond girls carring fake designer bags, and guys that think they are rich and tough. Academics in business are solid for a privite school in the North East. Only go if you plan on studying business or playing basketball.

A college or university where people use to study at, now primarily used as an excuse to waste mom and dad's money an drink beer.


Also called, SJU, Saint Joseph's is a good school in Philadelphia with great school spirit and very solid academics, especially in business. With a lot to do on City Avenue and Philadelphia, St. Joe's is in an ideal location as it is also close to the rich suburbs of Lower Merion and the Main Line. The basketball team is adored and the school is growing at a high rate.

I go to Saint Joseph's University on Hawk Hill in Philadelphia. Next up, Harvard Law.

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It's a private school that costs a little more than public school. If you got rejected from every halfway decent private and public school in the North and you're one step away from calling Devry, then this may the school for you. The kids who go there are like to pretend that St. Joseph's isn't a total embarrassment, and hope that people will confuse it with other area name brand schools like Temple or The University of Pennsylvania. Basically a last-ditch safety school for lower-middle to middle class white kids who chose this over junior college. The parties are lame and all the girls who go there carry fake designer handbags that they think don't look totally fake. The kids root for their basketball team as they play against other sucky private schools, but in general, there are no decent sports teams. This is not a good school for academics. Leave Pennsylvania and nobody's heard of it.

Ho with the fake Chanel earrings was trying to get us to think she went to University of Pennsylvania when she really goes to Saint Joseph's University.

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