Saint Leo Apple Toss

What is Saint Leo Apple Toss?


The Saint Leo Apple Toss is an epic event that occurs only once a year. It generally occurs after a tanning session and immediately before a country music concert. The young male sees an apple an proceeds to throw it in the general direction of the concert. It is said that the loud blaring country music enrages the male so that he decides to throw a randomly placed apple.

Note: This is not to be confused with the St. augustine Apple Toss.

Dis: Man I'm pissed that our tanning session is over!

Lyle: Yeah, and there is a country music concert getting ready to start.

Dis: What the fuck! I'm gonna do the Saint Leo Apple Toss with this granny smith.

Lyle: Hell Yeah!

See dis, sid, grundfuttock, anal


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