What is Saint Thomas High School?


A school located by one of the richiest neightborhoods in Houston,TX. Everyone owns a car( BMW's and Range Rovers seem to be the most popular). The kids tend to be caucasian but there are a few minorites present in the student body. Many of the children could be consedered rather imature for thier age. There is no school spirit. It's main rival is Strake. The boys there date equally immature girls from St. Agnes

Those kids from Saint Thomas High School are so rich it's not even funny.

Yes, there rich but then you have not seen Kinkaid yet.

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A school full of mainly rich white boys. Yes, out of 800 kids, they might have two kids on financial aid. Full of people who pretend to love obama due to the fact that it is rather trendy but they really all love Mccain,like me. Many try to act manly but if you going to fight one, the hardest part is trying to catch them befor they escape to thier BMW's. They love St. Agnes girls and dislike Incarnate Word. They hang out in cliques and don't like others.

Those kids from Saint thomas high school are so fucking dumb.

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