What is Saints?


A team known for having a superb fanbase despite 26 years of futility. The games are fun and the fans are funny. One day the Saints will get their come-up'ns.

1.When the Saints fire their owner and coach and QB they will smoke the NFC.

2.Deuce Mcallister, Saints HB is one of the best in the league. Nooch.

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An all-boys school in San Diego. Home to some of the biggest dicks and perverts in the area. amazing football team that could beat the cathedral catholic dons any day, any time, anywhere. same goes for basketball.

girl #1: hey look that guy is really hot! girl #2: of course he is. he attends saints.

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As in New Orleans Saints,a Natonal Football League team from Louisiana in the NFC. Known for allowing opposing teams to make seemingly impossible comebacks possible, and for just sucking balls year after incredibly sucky year. Often used condescendingly to shame a person or group of people.

Dear God, I've seen better games played by the Saints!

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5 playoff berths in 25 years of existance

They're almost as bad as the bengals


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