Saito Hajime

What is Saito Hajime?


The captain of the 3rd squad of the Shinsengumi during the Bakamatsu in Japan in the 1800s. He later went on to be a police man by the name of Goro Fujita. He has also been incarnated in Rurouni Kenshin and has skills only second to Kenshin and uses his signature technique, the Gatotsu a powerful attack that is nearly unstoppable and was only evaded by Kenshin. He is probably the 3rd strongest and most skilled swordsman in the Rurouni Kenshin series(Kenshin being first and Hiko being second). He is also the only real main character in the series. He has thin eyes and wheres a police man suit.

Saito Hajime was the captain of the third squad of the Shinsengumi.

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