What is Saix?


Another awsome word for Sex.

"Lets go have some wild and kinky SAIX"

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Saix a member of Organization 13 is in the ever loving game Kingdom Heart II for the ps2. He shows up Hallow Bastion for the first time, confronting Sora and friends that he need to kill more heartless, but what Sora dosnt know is that he is being tricked into killing them to make Kingdom Hearts grow. Saix is sort of a main character in the game. You defeat him in The World That Never Was.

If you see a guy with blue hair, and a X on his face. Yeah that's him. He uses the moon to power up and he is not that hard to beat in the game. As long as you grab his Claymore (the name of his weapon) you can use that to defeat him. It will take a couple of times but well worth it for the next fight you get to fight Luxord.

Not much is said about Saix's past, but few fans say he comes from a different dimension. I would like to say that he comes from World of Warcraft (dont make fun of me my friend said that and i stuck with it)


Me: YOUR RIGHT! but that's only canon =3=

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A cool word referring to the act of copulation.

Guy - "Saix?"

Me - "Lol noe"

Guy - ":("

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A "silly" way to say sex. The way people make babies.


Jessica: With me? Sure.

Zac:No not you, Jon!!

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