What is Saiya-jin?


A species in the Dragonball Z world. In American DBZ, they are more commonly known as "Saiyans". Saiya-jin was taken from the Japanese word Yasai, or, "Vegetable". And jin which basically means "people" or the species of a specific planet. So in this case, Saiya-jin means, "Vegetable people". Hence why all the characters are named after different vegetables.

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The name of a fighting people in the series: ' Dragon Ball Z' created by Toriyama, Akira-sama. The Saiya-jin are the greatest warrior race in the universe. Their love of fighting is only surpassed by their pride. They originally inhabited a planet named Vegeta (Bejiita-sei), however it was destroyed by a space tyrant named Freeza.

Only four Saiya-jin survived the destruction of the planet. They were Kakarotto(known as Son Goku), Vegeta, Raditz and Nappa. If you wish to include the feature movies, also Turles, Paragus and Broly. They look exactly the same as a regular human, except for the monkey tail they usually have wrapped around the waist. A Saiya-jin is far stronger than a human and are able to concieve children, though the offspring retain much of the Saiya-jin strength and perhaps beyond.

At the end of the series, Goku, Vegeta and Gohancould generally have been the most powerful beings in the entire universe, surpassing any of the Kaioushin, the very Gods themselves. A Saiya-jin has the ability to transform into a more powerful version of themselves. This includes the Ouzaru transformation (a giant monkey with the Saiya-jin's base power multiplied by ten times - this is able to be reached by any Saiya-jin with a tail by looking at the full moon) and of course the legendary form of the Super Saiya-jin.

The mythical Super Saiya-jin appeared 1000 years ago, and the tranformation dwindled to a legend with the expansion of the Saiya-jin race. However when Gokuconfronts Freezaon Namek-sei...

I sent myself into a cold oblivion and I did it on a lie! The Saiya-jin Prince will not be beaten again! - Vegeta.

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