What is Saiyuki?


An anime version of the famous chinese novel "Journey to the West" (AKA "Monkey King") with a big twist! Created by Minekura Kazuya, Saiyuki is about four guys- a monk with a gun, a sexy perverted kappa, an 18 year old kid with a bottomless stomach, and a human turned demon with the most sweetest smile, travelling to the west to place called Tenjiku, to stop the revival test of Gyumao, performed by his crazy wife, in order to conquer the world. During their journeys, they encounter demons, gods, assasins and worst of all, their past.

Not to forget their daily routine of Gojyo and Gokufighting, Gojyopicking girls, the guys drinking sake and play mahjoong and kicking demons butt!

It's a mix of humour, action, bloodspill, couple of bad words(not really), some scenes of yaoi(it's not, but some fans say it is!) but nonetheless, it's a great animeand it's really addicting!

"he took me out of the darkness and showed a world brighter than the sun"

-Son Goku

You can't stop after you start watching Saiyuki. It's something that grows on you. Same goes to other animes. They are really addicting and that makes you wanna watch more!

I am not an otaku! But I am an anime fan.. not to the extreme, but I love anime.. Long Live Anime! *evil laugh*


An anime about four people who travel around India to kill other demons. One is a buddha to be, the others a monkey king incarnate, one is a demon, and the other was a human turned demon. They seek to destroy the Ultimate evil. (Lots of blood!)

In Gensomaden Saiyuki, Son Goku acts like a brat.


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