What is Saj?


An Ian Naylor that is capable of feats of amazing strength, perhaps brought on by anger or passion. A Saj is easily capable of throwing someone through a plate glass window, if only his Sajette wasn't there to stop him.

"Be careful, or that Saj over there will throw you through that plate glass window"

"No, it's ok. His Sajette is there to stop him"

See Mike Brown


To smoke a joint of marijuana.

Bill: Hey Karl, wanna saj?

Karl: No man, I already sajjed today.


Swift Anal Justice

"She was dealt some lethal SAJ"

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A small gingerbearded twat, who holds great affection for little kids. Runs like a crab, wears mid-top shoes often, and cannot catch a rugby ball to save his life. Lies frequently about his weight-lifting prowess, success with girls etc. Has grown a chinstrap beardto make himself look older, but all this does is make everyone aware of what a paedophilic twat he is.

Person 1: Who's that twat with the fucking stupid beard?

Person 2: Saj.

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Saj is another word for a saggy Vagina or Vaj.

Oh my gosh... she had such a Saj.

It was like throwing a sausage down a hallway.

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imo adam muir is quite the saj~~~~~

saj you kindly in mymo


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