What is Sakkos?


One of the most un-approachable, angry, people to be encountered. these people are derived from the deep, african safari. found in mole caves that they dig in the ground. the people are known as, and call themselves, the sakkotrabates. the sakkotrabates are known as a low level, scum tribe. lowest on the totem pole of life, the sakkotrabates are known to interbreed with each other, making mungoloid babies. these mungoloids are to be served as "goons" for defense of the tribe. it took the tribe little time to create a small army for defense. they all have a strict diet, and daily regimen. their day starts off at 6:00 am. rolling out of bed, and doing 1,000 push ups. (due to their interbreeding, the mungoloids have a sort of, "retard strength"). after he workout, they feed on a pourage, consisting of afterbirth, seemen, from the tribe leader, (for strength) and dingleberries, from the rare shit eagle. this changes the sakkotrabate mungoloids into raging monsters. their tribe slowly spread along the eastern coastlines of africa. causing a stiff decline in social, economical, and political prosperity. soon, the sakkotrabates worked their greasy fingers into the american way of life. nowadays, you can still spot a sakkotrabate, if you look real hard, they are usually found in upscale towns, driving upscale cars. (to disguise their swill way of life). beware of the almighty sakkotrabate mungoloid. they are rather unapproachable, and should not be spoken to. although their native tongue is strait up african (clicking and clacking), they have formed their own dialect of it, which includes the swinging of arms, and violent banana peeling. do not go near one of these primates. do not compliment them on their cars. they do not care. they just want your dingleberries, and seemen, to make them feel more close to home.

look at that num nums car.... man he's drooling and everything. he must be some sort of sakkos retard or something...

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