Samoan Beatdown

What is Samoan Beatdown?


Self explanatory really. One Samoan; female or male, taking part in the beating to a pulp of one or more victims. This is no ordinary beatdown or victorious bloody ending to a fight. A Samoan beatdown is equivalent to watching a large Gorilla smashing, punching, and throwing around people like rag dolls.

To witness one for yourself is a spectacle comparable to watching your first UFC fight. Likeliness of catching a Female Samoan Beatdown is better because they happen more frequently because the women have shorter fuses. The women are also known for beatingdown their boyfriends or husbands.

1 urban legend:

A samoan in his 20's hanging out in the El Cerrito, Ca. area with his girlfriend gets jumped by 4 gang members of the area. He bludgeons #1 and #2 by k.o. from a fury of hooks and haymakers, gets a 2x4 across the back of his neck(2x4 cracks)he turns around scuffles and recovers. Another frantic swing of the 2x4 by assailant #3 makes contact to the islander's shoulder while assailant #4 is trying his hardest to knock him down from blows to the back of the head and kidney area but the samoan catches and snatches the 2x4, does a 180 degree spin move wacking #4 in the ribs and begins a "Hacksaw Jim Duggan" fury on #3 and #4 giving them no choice but to run.

1 true story: (name withheld)

The place: A liquor store in Oceanside, Ca. back in 1997. A samoan kid, Yes a samoan "kid" 17 year old high school senior, 6'6" tall 280lb. would beat up Marines for their cases of beer and emptied their wallets when they came out of the liquor store. No surpises or cheap shots, he greeted them "Talofa!" and then demand they give up their beer, and if they didn't comply? Samoan Beatdown!! I heard he chose Marines because he felt they were more likely to fight and had heavy wallets. Word spread and soon Marines and others would not travel there without more than a group of two to hopefully eleviate the chances of getting owned. Eventually, they would run into "Silisili Ese tamali'i of beer" meaning the "Almighty Chief of beer" and had to fight their way back to the car.

Definition 2-

Two or more samoans defeating all odds by the beating to a pulp of one or more victims. Nothing equivelant to it.

True story #2

Two Samoan high school kids in New Zealand get jumped by a group of 11 neo-nazis, 5 of them hospitalized the others ran.

Want to witness one? If you can kidnap a samoan, drop him off in a latino barrio, south central or a whigger community somewhere in Inland Empire. It might happen.

I just saw the greatest Samoan beatdown ever!

Those guys need a samoan beatdown.

Now there is a group of idoits just asking for a Samoan beatdown.

Those guys are staring at me the wrong way. They're asking for a Samoan beatdown!

See sam, poly, owned, strength in numbers


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