What is Sandro?


Something related to porn, especially in weird situations like class

Professor: Today we will talk about youtube

Student 1: Will we also talk about uporn ?

Student 2: Woooo that was so sandro !

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Sandro; the sexiest person on the planet, often refered to as awsome or godly, he is a very nice and handsome person liked by all, all his friends are jeleous of his awsomeness, all the girls wanna be with him and all the guys wanna be him!

also see awsome

women: omfg i want sandro in my pants!

men: ohh god i wish i was him!

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A stpid fucking dirty polish/south indian twat who's lungs have been deteriorated by bonging continiously throughout the day without anhy real dreams or amibition. most people refer to him as the joke of kl. if u ever happen to see him immediately insult with an agressive tone and need not run as he is much too stoned to care or even understand the insult.

jah: hey dude, wat u doin today?

sandro: bonging...bonging...dunno lahhhh

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