What is Saughter?


A person of undetermined or difficult to ascertain gender. Either a masculine female or an effeminate male. Someone who cannot be placed in the traditionally defined gender of either male or female. Can be applied to: transgendered, transvestite etc.

Origin: a portmanteau of 'son' and 'daughter'.

Also, of 'sought of' or 'sorta' meaning 'not quite'.

ie: He's saughter a guy, saughter a girl. He's saughter.

Bern: "Holy shit! Did you see that 6ft 2 gorilla in a mini skirt just walk in!? Is it a chick or a dude!!?"

Matt: "Saughter!"

See fa’afafine, birl, goy, shim, shemale, transvestite, trannie, she-male, shimmy, transsexual, transgender, sheman, ladyboy, chick with a dick, shman, she-man, homma


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