What is Saxons?


A Germanic tribe from the regions of Saxony, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstiein, North-Rhine Westphalia and part of the Netherlands. Conquered Brittain at the end of Roman rule. The Saxons in Brittain became known as Anglo-Saxons, and ruled for several centuries before being conquered by the Normans. The words "saxon" and "Anglo-Saxon" are used today as buzzwords by hate groups who consider themselves to be of pure, Anglo-Saxon blood, and therefore superior to all other races, whom they term "mud races" or "mud people." Regardless of the fact that the original Saxons seemed to have no qualms about marrying into the indigenous population, as well as the successive waves of conquerors, and indeed seemed to have no idea of race.

The Legend of King Arthur was about the struggle of the old, Celtic Brittain against the Saxons.

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