Sci-fi Channel

What is Sci-fi Channel?


a cable channel that, despite it's name, has nothing to do with science fiction.

the sci-fi channel consists of only stuff like psychics and LOST.

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Once a television network which aired numerous science fiction series whose diversity has boiled away to a monotonous repetition of "StarGate" and its spin-offs lasting for about 40% of the day. Any airing period left of the day is 30% Battlestar Galactica, 10% Eureka, and the remaining 20% devoted to advertisement, which always seems to cut in whenever the sponsors feel like whoring for attention.

Sci-Fi Channel hasn't been the same since it stopped airing Knight Rider, but I'm sure it will find a diverse audience by airing fake wrestling (ECW, which I'm entirely sure has gallons of science fiction potential). Ironically, despite the number of consecutive airings of SG-1, they haven't considered renaming the entire network to "Stargate Channel" or even decided to make every day a Stargate marathon.

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