What is Scoober?


A specific type of over the head throw used in Ultimate Frisbee play that is good for breaking the 'mark' or the defender guarding the thrower.

Staggs threw a great scoober for a point at the tournament last weekend.

See ultimate frisbee, hammer, forehand, backhand, upa


A word ranging from very specific to especially general meaning. Both noun and verb.

Used to irritate or annoy, or to justify or defend the indefensible. Often employed to win an argument simply by confounding the opposition with what many consider a non-word. Great for manipulating the discussion via confusion of terms.

May be used as an alternative to "Kinkle," but the terms are not synonymous.

The first recorded use of the term was in 1983, much to the consternation of a Jr. High English teacher.

1. "What you are saying doesn't make any sense...but if you scoober I'll change my mind."

(This makes one appear reasonable and willing to change, yet frustrates any effort on the part of the other party.)

2. "I may be a jackass...but scoober and get back to me!"

3. "Yeah, well, scoober's a word!"

See kinkle, colour, chupacabra


to severly mess up, something or someone to an extent that my not be recoverable

"Chris if you scoober my 4000 dollar computer I'm gonna gouge your eyes out!!"

See scoobered


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