Screaming Nazi

What is Screaming Nazi?


While doing a girl doggystyle, poking your finger in her ass and then reaching around and swiping it across her upper lip, creating a Hitler-style shit mustache, and a screaming nazi moments later.

"What'd you do to her when you found out she cheated on you?"

"I waited until we were in bed that night, then gave her the screaming nazi and walked out."


The magical mix of jagermeister and goldslager in one shot or drink. Go's down real smooth. Also know as "liquid cocane", "Golden elk", "Body Bag" and "Jägerschläger".

"Man you were fucked last night"

"I know I did like ten screaming nazis"


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A strong ass drink consisting of equal parts of Bacardi 151 and Ice 101 usually drank as a shot sometimes grenadine is added for extra flavor

" Damn that bartender made a screaming nazi for me and it fucked me up!"

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