Scrotum Slap

What is Scrotum Slap?


A slap on the underside of the testicles. Very painful very enjoyable.

I received a scrotum slap from Wallace.


After a long day of hot sweaty work, putting your hand down your pants and filling your palm w/sweat from your scrotum. Then with said sweat slapping somebody dear to you.

Yo man, I just got off work and I went up to Andrew and gave him a Scrotum Slap.

See James


Scrotum Slap: When the male flops his wrinkly ball sack out and fucking wacks his bitch around the face, aiming to inflict as much pain as possible whilst playing violently with her earlobes and sticking cocktail sticks in her eyes, if she screams smack her harder, if she pesists on screaming gag the dirty slut up and RAPE her not once not twice but three times continue in this motion until she stops and then persist the SCROTUM slap.

However, as many would have become aware, this sometimes does not work, so the following should be carried out:

1) ambush her in a dark alley

2) take her to somewhere dark

3) remove her skin

4) drink her blood

5) fuck her violently in between the toes

6) make her suck your dick whilst singing the australian anthem

7) then make her suck your dick whilst singing the african national anthem in chinese and dancing on 1 foot whilst cleaning the kitchen

8) make her shit in a cup and then eat it whilst she molestes an asian goat from africa

9)If none of these responses work persist in stalking her chasing her down tackle her if needed but once u have her right where you want her rip her pussy into 1 hole from her anal passage to her vagina and tell her to cook you your fucking dinner.

10) tell her that if she tells anyone about what happened that you'll dig up her dead mum and fuck the shit out of her until she turns to dust

11) if you have doughts of her letting the news out and telling be shure to tie her up in your basement and rape her everynight if she says and i quote" ill be a good girl please let me go" she is lieng so rape her harder and dont forget to rip her cunt open. :)

12) if this STILL does not work, then make her eat your foreskin (whilst fucking a dead baby, which you had captured earlier) and then whisper discretely in her ear that your gonna rape her eldest son and fuck him so hard he'll want to stick his dick in the toaster and fuck a dead muslim cat



yo u fucking slut, drop down and let me slap my fucking balls across your face you stupid afghanistaan bitch, i am the scrotum slap king

Dont dare try to resist either or ill rip ur pussy open stick a mop up their and make u mop up ur sleezy mess u slut " ok im sorry just slapp me silly im a dirty slut"

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