Sex Up

What is Sex Up?


to have physical contact with someone, such as making out, feeling up, or fucking.

"That boy is so pure sex, I can't wait to sex him up."

See Sami


to excite or stimulate sexual feelings

I wanna sex you up.


A word coming into circulation in BBC News.

"First the headlines, and then the sexed up weather forecast"


to embellish or exaggerate

A short time after sexing up the report, the scientist was found dead in the woods.



The art or act of sexing someone else. Present tense, "sexing up". Must be done vertically.

The dog sexed up my leg.


To have sex with.

Man, I want to sex up your mom.


the way little 5 year olds use the word sex.

<bobby> "hey, jenny touched me"

<little johnny> points finger "auhhhhhh, you wanna sex her up"

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