What is Shambo?


An efficient and fool-proof mechanism for resolving minor disputes, a/k/a rock-paper-scissors.

We couldn't decide who would be the designated driver, so we shambo'd for it.

We used shambo to decide who would get the last pizza slice.

See rock-paper-scissors, ro-sham-bo, problem solver


A sudden involuntary jolt that occurs as one is about to fall asleep. Relates to the nervous system. The term most closely relates to falling asleep in a classroom or public setting. However, a shambo can occur anywhere and can be of varying intensity. A minor shambo is surprising yet most often goes unnoticed by bystanders. More severe shamboes can result in anywhere from minor to major bodily injury of the afflicted or those around them.

"In third hour I had a huge shambo that shook my whole desk."

"Last hour I shamboed so bad I almost defacated in my pants."

"Last night I was about to go to sleep, but then I had a major shambo. I couldn't get back to sleep after that."

See seizure, jolt, shake, jilt, quake, quiver, jerk, shock


The perfect friend. Not to mention incredibly handsome and great in bed. Also the male version of the drink" Shirley Temple."

Lady:"I'll take a Shambo"

Waiter:"As in a drink?"

Lady:"As in one in my hand and one in my bed..."

See Josh


name given to the coolest person in high school. normally is very cool and the biggest trend setter.

the coolest pimpin playa in the estern suburbs of the wessssss'sideeeeeeee. answers to the callings of g.ggg.ggg.gggg G-unIT!!!!!!!!

shambo fan #1: hey shambo... how was your sat night?

shambo: pimpin' playa. hot as

shambo fan #2: shambo, i wish i could be more like you. you're the bestest ever

See cool person, hot stuff, idol


Shambo - shame on Rambo.

aka: George Kcchstetchski.

"Shut up Shambo!"


See undisclosed


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